The Journey to a Successful Private Practice

The biggest challenge in business is not the competition, its what goes on inside your own head. – Barbara Corcoran

When you first open your practice, excitement and joy are running through your veins. The dream of your practice which was once in your head is now a reality you can see and touch!

But soon after, fear and doubt infiltrate your veins getting you to question whether or not this was really a good idea. You begin to wonder if that phone is ever going to ring. Doubt continues to pour out its influence creating an unsettling feeling inside your mind and body.

The Journey to a successful private practice is filled with many challenges and steep emotions. Us, private practice warriors don’t just build a great practice for the sake of having a great practice. We seek to build a great practice because the journey provides the right kind of challenge to become a better person, a better spouse, a better parent, and better overall spiritual being!

So, if you are currently facing some challenges in building your dream practice, then start to get excited! Embrace it! Face it! And when you overcome it, you will be a better person which in turn creates a better practice!!!

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Chris Swenson, LMFT
Private Practice Warrior